3 Aspects of the Help Desk: What Makes it Great

3 Aspects of the Help Desk: What Makes it Great

Through the overwhelming reliance on technological systems and software, help desks have sprung to life in almost every type of business. From university campuses, to healthcare offices, to retail stores, wherever there is a technological infrastructure there is usually a help desk to support and troubleshoot.

And this is for a very good reason.

Help desks resolve technological issues quicker, efficiently streamline workflow in IT departments, and allow employees to focus on their job.

3 Aspects of the Help Desk: What Makes it Great

1) Multitasking

One of the best aspects of implementing the use of a help desk is the immediate ability to multitask in more efficient and generally smarter ways. Workers submit "help tickets", which are then automatically sorted and categorized into individual cues. At that point, IT professionals are able to prioritize based upon demand, similarity, importance, and any other criteria that deems appropriate.

2) Let the Metrics Talk

A help desk not only allows IT professionals to work faster and more efficiently, but it also provides metrics that are analyzed to detect pattern issues. Help tickets regarding similar tech issues will be cued together, allowing the IT professional to take notice of a larger problem. By fixing the root problem, a company can be saved time and subsequently money. On a larger scale, workflow can be streamlined via metric reports that help to identify trends.

3) The Portal of Information

Most help desk software generally employs one main portal. This portal is used by workers and IT professionals alike as a landing page for employees to submit help tickets, IT staff to communicate, and both employees and IT staff to close out resolved tickets.

Yet, portals also offer a great avenue to share information and create connectivity. IT professionals are able to address any common mistakes or issues that may arise. The portal is a great way to post helpful articles, warn employees of upgrades or system down issues, and post educational opportunities. On the other hand, employees can post suggestions for betterment such as tools, classes, or reoccurring issues.

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