Small Business IT Services

4 Ways IT Services Keep You Connected to Your Clients

4 Ways IT Services Keep You Connected to Your Clients

As a small business, your pool of loyal clients are incredibly valuable to you. Those who bring their business back to you again and again are more than important revenue streams, they are people who have invested in your success. These customers enjoy the cozy personalized style of your service to big corporations and are a likely source of referrals as your company grows. Perhaps most importantly, they have come to rely on your ability to provide for them and often need to be able to contact you, your platform, or your service on a regular basis. You owe it to your loyal customers to be available when they want to speak with you without worrying about unreliable networks or broken software. The best way to provide unbroken quality of service to your valued customers is with an IT service team. Even if you’ve been managing your own computer system for a while, here are four great ways that an IT service can enhance your ability to stay connected.

1 Network Security

 Just because you are a small business doesn’t mean you won’t get attacked by malware, spyware, ransomware, and phishing expeditions. Remember that in a lot of cases, these viruses are automated to spread and wreak havoc wherever they go with no regard for the identity of their victims. An IT service can help you set up a rock solid security system that will have you prepared for even the nastiest virus infection. Protection starts with finely tuned firewalls and anti-virus scanning software and is supported by frequent and thorough backups so that if a device does get compromised, it can be wiped and restored within the day.

2 Business Software Suite 

While smaller businesses tend to work with a tidier suite of software, chances are that your office uses a unique combination of CRM, data management, and industry-specific programs. You need this software suite to coordinate customer relations and provide your service, but installations are not always well-behaved. Sometimes a piece of software will glitch out either crash or fail to save. Often these problems are based on an update for either your OS or software that has created a minor incompatibility. When this happens, a dedicated IT service can sort out the snarl and get your systems back online with the programs you need to serve your customers.

3 Fast Solutions

Most companies below a certain size are certain that they can handle their own IT tasks. After all, the office is barely more than a few personal computers gathered together and most people handle their own machines, right? Unfortunately, this is not true and most people eventually end up on the phone with tech support. When something does go wrong, there’s a good chance it will happen in the middle of a busy work day while clients are actively trying to get in contact with you. When you have an IT service team ready to jump in and provide solutions, you can get back in business a lot more quickly than trying to fix it yourself.

4 On-Site Repairs

Every now and then a problem comes along that no amount of remote troubleshooting can fix. In this case, you need a computer expert with a kit of tiny screwdrivers to get right to the heart of the issue, deep within your computer case. When you have been trying to fix your own computer, coming down to a hardware issue is often the point where you might throw up your hands and call it a lost cause. However, an IT service crew has an in-depth understanding of your computer systems and can often get you and your machines back in place and serving customers where remote tech support never could.

While your customers may never see your IT services team, they will surely feel the effects when your website runs smoothly and every one of your technical issues is solved quickly and efficiently. With talented IT support, computer problems will never stand between you and your customers again. For more information about small business IT services, please contact us today!