4 Ways Smart Devices Can Improve WFH Productivity

The reason that the smart device market and IoT has seen a wave of adoption the past few years is because in a lot of ways they make our lives easier. Setting timers in the kitchen, turning on the TV, and getting the perfect lighting to set the mood are all small benefits that appear to be worth the cost. 

Over the last five years, unit sales of smart home devices have increased more than 40%, and it’s projected that 2020 will see 2.26 billion smart devices sold worldwide. The line between home and work has blurred some, with many people now in a work-from-home (WFH) environment. This changes the technology solutions landscape that many employees have become familiar with and offers them more ability to explore.

No longer is someone tied to a desk or one specific computer to do their work. There’s a freedom that comes with the ability to work from home and take advantage of technologies to find new ways to get things done.

Why not take advantage of some of those smart devices you may already have at home to improve your work-life balance even more and improve productivity at the same time?

How Can I Use My Smart Home Devices in My Workflow?

In the past several months, remote work has gone from a novelty to the wave of the future. The fact that 5G is being rolled out to further bolster fast internet connections, just backs up the fact that work can be done pretty easily from anywhere. 

77% of surveyed businesses say that post-pandemic, they’ll continue having more employees working from home three or more days per week.

This transformation of the working environment is the perfect time to reimagine how WFH looks with the help of smart devices. Here are several possibilities. 

Make Alexa Your Work Assistant 

Many homes use Amazon Alexa or Google Home voice speakers to make life easier with instant information access and to control several other smart gadgets. A voice assistant can also be a helpful business assistant when working remotely.

Multi-task more easily by asking Alexa to do your research on a topic for you and bring you the results. 

Here are some ideas on how you can deploy your smart speaker as your personal assistant:

  • Add your contacts and calendar, then easily add or access information via voice command
  • Use timers and reminders for breaks or appointments
  • Use Alexa to create a to-do list
  • Play pleasant ambient music
  • Use Alexa Skills, like the one for IFTTT to connect to work apps via voice

Gain Control Over "Non-Smart" Devices with a Smart Plug

Are you in the middle of a long video conference but need to turn on the crockpot to get dinner started? Instead of having to excuse yourself for a moment from the live call, you can turn on your appliance from your smart phone app if you’re using a smart plug.

Smart plugs, like this Wi-Fi Smart Plug on Amazon, turn non-smart devices in to smart gadgets for a fraction of the cost. 

You simply plug the appliance, lamp, or other item into the smart plug and then you have the ability to turn it off and on via remote control either from a smart app or through voice commands to Alexa or Google Home. 

Use a Smart Die for Easy Time Tracking 

If you’re required to track the time you spend on various activities, the tracking activity itself can be pretty time consuming.

You can make the process as easy as flipping a die by using an innovative smart gadget called Timeluar Tracker. This 8-sided die is designed to sit on your desk (so you don’t have to remember to keep an app open in your browser). Just assign a specific activity to each side and flip to start or stop the timer. 

Keep Track of Your iPad, Headphones & More 

When working from home, it’s natural to move around while working. For example, if it’s particularly nice outside, you may work in the back yard. You might be working from the kitchen or living room on any given day. 

But that moving around can sometimes leave you wondering, "Where did I leave my headphones?" or asking your family, "Did someone move my iPad?". 

You an save a lot of time searching by using small smart trackers, like TrackR, on your work equipment (laptop, tablet, etc.). This makes any item easily trackable by your smartphone so you can immediately figure out where it’s at and continue your day. 

Get Help Reimagining Your Workflow from Onsite Techs of Rhode Island 

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