5G – How This New Technology Will Change the Way SMBs Do Business

We’ve been hearing about 5G technology for a while now, but it’s yet to have a major impact. As with all transitions like this, it takes carriers time to build their networks and for manufacturers to launch devices that can take full advantage of new 5G capabilities. This is one of the reasons small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) haven’t yet gotten fully excited about 5G. But it won’t be too much longer until they start to see some very real benefits from the technology that will change they way they do business. In 2019, there were approximately 10 million 5G wireless connections. By 2023, that number is expected to grow to over 1 billion.The benefits that 5G promises are going to have a big impact on managed IT services, cloud computing, and the ability to stream large amounts of data in very little time. So, how does this translate to SMBs? We’ll explore what you can expect next.

How SMBs Will Benefit from 5G Technology

Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits that 5G is promising, which will help give an idea of where a small or mid-sized business can deploy this technology. Here are some key statisticsfrom Intel on 5G:

  • Speeds are expected to be as much at 100x faster than 4G LTE networks
  • Latency is significantly reduced
  • Network device capacity will be 1,000x more than 4G networks

While it’s hard to imagine things like 100x faster speed, it’s going to make today’s connections seem as slow in comparison as the AOL dial-up days look to us now. Here’s how business is going to be forever changed once the 5G rollout is completed.

More Enhanced Remote Connections (Think AR/VR)

Today, we’re lucky if we can get through a Zoom video meeting without having someone’s image freeze up. That’s going to be a thing of the past once the speeds of 5G reduce the latency that causes those types of problems. 5G is also going to take those remote connections far beyond just 2D video meetings, enabling full augmented reality and virtual reality meetings, where it seems like everyone is actually sitting in the same room. This will further promote remote workers and remote customer meetings as 5G-powered AR/VR meetings will come closer to the real thing than is currently possible now.

More Use of Smart Sensor Technology

Smart sensors help businesses track customer patterns in retail shops and can do similar things for manufacturing and packaging processes. Think of building automations that cue off movement – like lights being turned on or HVAC being turned up or down based upon occupancy. Right now, this type of smart sensor technology is typically used in larger organizations that can afford the bandwidth to run all those devices, but with 1,000x higher device capacity, it’s going to allow SMBs to take advantage of the cost savings, automations, and analytics possible using internet-connected smart sensor technology.

Big Boost to Productivity

With faster speeds and lower latency, your employees will be able to get their work done faster. Just think if every employee saved 30 minutes a day because they had to wait less on cloud app responsiveness. For a small business with 25, employees, that would mean an additional 62.5 hours per week, without having to hire any additional staff. This gives companies an opportunity to build their company faster and put those extra productivity hours into new projects, new marketing initiatives, and other forward motion.

Customer Experience Innovation

You know those small tablet screens that play an advertisement in the supermarket as you walk by? Those will seem completely outdated once 5G expands how you can interact with customers. For example, a small paint and wallpaper shop could offer a 3D "decorate your room" experience, where just a few photos could be overlaid with different colors and styles. Customers could also get greeted as they come through the door with a holographic store directory or an "assistance" button. One of the things holding this type of technology back has been the need for bandwidth, lower latency, and higher device capacity, all things that 5G addresses.

How to Prepare Your Business for 5G

You have some time now to prepare to hit the ground running with 5G once it’s fully available and fully implemented by device manufacturers. Here are a few ways you can get ready:

  • Work with an IT consultant to explore ways that 5G could lower costs and expand your capabilities and put a game plan into place.
  • Contact the carriers in your area to see where they are with 5G rollout timing in your area.
  • Research hardware and IoT devices that are 5G compatible, so you can incorporate them into your equipment upgrade process.

Work with Onsite Techs of Rhode Island to Be Ready for 5G

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