A Disaster Recovery Plan For Freedom

A Disaster Recovery Plan For Freedom

Chances are you are using technology to manage both your personal and business lives. You’ve got a server running at your location and you’re going to be connected to that data in more ways than you most likely know. What happens if the hardware that you are using fails due to an unforeseen force of nature, i.e., anything that you didn’t expect? Well, not much if you have a disaster recovery plan.

A good disaster recovery service will take all of your important data and monitor it closely, then if it sees signs or warnings of an impending issue, software will notify a team of professionals who’ll swoop in like super-heroes and get your data back. The thing is, that’s just the service. You need to plan for disaster if you’re using technology to support your business’s infrastructure, not just pay for a service.

So, yes, we’ll back-up and protect your email, files, application data; the whole nine yards. We’ll even offer up 24×7 support during your time of crisis, but who is going to plan how you handle it on your end?

You need a chain of command, you need a list of assets to immediately do a health check on, you need someone who is going to handle inquiries from your internal staff. We’ll need to talk to someone and work with them, so you can keep your most important assets focused on growing the business, while we handle the restoration of your technology environment.

These may be tough issues to ponder, and we don’t want to make you fearful. Our goal is to get you thinking about this now, so that you don’t have to scramble for the proper support during an emergency. It can be a nice process when the right team is in place, and we’re always here to help, so contact us when you’re ready to talk about creating a good disaster recovery plan.