Can small businesses really save lots of money with Managed IT services?

Can small businesses really save lots of money with Managed IT services?

Many small businesses worry about the cost to have someone maintain and manage their IT department.  They often believe that hiring their own part or full-time technician is the way to go. What they don’t often realize is that one person can rarely handle everything required, or do it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Managed IT service companies like Onsite Techs can actually be a much more cost-effective and efficient solution for your company’s needs.

Managed IT services help relieve you of the duties and troubles that seem to constantly keep you from doing what you are really good at…running and growing your company. And believe it or not, the easy to budget costs for these services comes in at a small percentage of what you would have to pay a skilled technician. For a small fee monthly, our company will take away your worry, ongoing cost, and frustration when trying to manage your own IT  environment.

Our IT specialists keep track of your system with active software day-in and day-out, 24 hours a day, so we can always keep track of and correct any problems quickly before they turn into big, money losing problems. We will always attempt to fix any system problem remotely before ever taking other, longer steps, so that your system will stay on track.

We also provide Desktop maintenance care and monitoring services to take care of computer issues your employees many be having, whether it’s a virus infection, spyware, or the need to install patches.  We can handle it all, discreetly in the background. Our highly trained specialists will constantly monitor the security and health of your system, so that you will not worry about encountering breaches or problems that can crash your computer systems, or slow down your workforce.  Because these situations costs loss of productivity, and in turn, lots of money down the road, we help to keep them away from your IT infrastructure.

So as you can see, our company, Onsite Techs, can really save you not only lots of money, but will keep problems at bay, so you and your employees can concentrate on the important things.  Why not contact us today for an evaluation of your needs, and start saving money today.