Complete and Compassionate Computer Repair

Complete and Compassionate Computer Repair

At home or at your small business, a computer malfunction can happen at any time. So you look for a local repair company and call in the cavalry. When these technicians arrive they sit down at your computer and start making changes and repairs. Oftentimes, they leave for additional equipment and supplies, only to come back and continue making changes. They make no eye contact, have no smile, and display no personality. Then, without explaining anything they hand you a bill and leave.

This is not how it is supposed to be. You should never be in the dark when it comes to your computer problems. Your technicians should explain every step of the repair process. They should ask you questions about what went wrong and what you normally use your system for.  Additionally, they should offer you a preventative service plan to nip any future problems in the bud. All of this should happen with an air of respect and courtesy.

Depending on what went wrong, computer repair is much more intricate than just fixing or replacing hardware. It takes deep analysis of your computer and its attached peripherals to identify the problem. It also takes a full understanding of what your system is primarily used for. Identifying exactly what you were working on when the error occurred is also essential. Sometimes viruses are the root cause. Other times, it can be outdated or faulty software. On occasion entire operating systems need to be updated, reinstalled, or simply replaced.

No matter what the issue and no matter what the resolution, on-site techs has a different approach. When we come to your home or business, we do it with our signature friendly neighbor touch. We will ask you what happened, identify what went wrong, and then suggest the best plan of action to fix your issue. At that time, before we make any changes, we make sure you are 100% comfortable with our resolution.

We offer a full spectrum of repair solutions. Sure, we can fix your immediate issue, but we can also investigate what your primary system uses are, along with the errors you most commonly encounter. With this information, we offer long term service techniques that will insure that your system has the right software, operating system, and virus protection. All of this will keep your machine(s) at peak performance and error free no matter what the issue.

In addition to our repair services we also offer many other solutions to keep your home or business systems running smoothly. We can install and maintain servers, set up and monitor workstations, and even offer surveillance systems. However, it goes beyond that. Our back up and disaster recovery solution can insure that your data , as well as that of your customers is safe and secure. By backing up everything in the cloud we can recreate your entire system on virtual machines so that production can continue as normal.

Is your system secure? Let us check it out for you. We will review and revisit your exiting security frameworks and make sure you are protected from current and future threats. By setting up an alert system, we can help you monitor your system integrity in real-time. We will even train your staff in the proper use of these amazing features!

So contact us today, our customers are our only focus. If you have small business, we can handle your system needs with ease. No matter what the size of your operation we can assist you at every level of your Information Technology needs. If you are residential customer we are happy to help. Businesses are important, but so is the individual. No job is too small for our dedicated team. We will get you back on track and make you the priority, no matter what the problem. We do all of this with courtesy, understanding, and most importantly, a smile!