Small Business IT Services

Comprehensive, Yet Personal, Small Business IT Services

Comprehensive, Yet Personal, Small Business IT Services

A small business needs more than just reliable computer technicians. It needs comprehensive IT services that will cover an entire spectrum of technological needs. In order to be productive in the modern world a small business needs reliable solutions that will keep it resilient. Back up and protection are also important. Let’s take a look at the different aspects of IT services that small businesses need in the modern atmosphere of technology.

Managed Services – A small company is no different than a large one when it comes to their technological needs. As your company grows so does its reliance on technology. You cannot afford to let your IT resources become scarce, or you can be overrun with the daily responsibilities of keeping your infrastructure running smoothly. Backups, patches, and security are just a few of the things you will need to avoid major IT problems and outages. A good support company should be an extension of your existing IT department. They should be able to take care of day-to-day infrastructure monitoring. This will free up your IT staff for high end projects. If the situation calls for it, your support company should be able to provide full IT support. In essence acting as an outsourced IT department. With this option you don’t even need an on-site IT staff.

Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) – Disaster recovery is not just for large businesses. Your policies, procedures, inventories, and vendor/customer lists are unique to your organization. If something happens that destroys that data, you are looking at months, maybe even years of data reconstruction. Disaster has become a new term. It’s not just adverse weather, but also Malware, spyware, hackers, and even terrorist attacks. Any of these things can leave you without the essential data that is vital to your company’s operation. You should have a disaster recovery plan that fits your needs. Whether it’s just offsite storage or a complete virtual backup of all your major software and data.

Cyber Security – You can’t afford to think cyber-attacks won’t ever happen to you. Additionally, the mind-set of it being an acceptable risk is a recipe for disaster. Think of it like car insurance, you may never get into an accident but without insurance it could devastate you. Just like a car, your cybersecurity requires simple updates and maintenance to keep your data and software protected. Most cyber-attacks are the result of uninformed employees and negligence, losing a phone, clicking the wrong link, even using weak passwords can let hackers and malware into your system. Your support company should not only set up with top-of-the-line virus protection, but they should be ready to train you and your staff in proper planning, procedures, and protocol. Then they should be willing to act as 24X7X365 support and protection, continually monitoring the system for alerts.

Server Sales, Installation & Support – Setting up professional level business servers offers you newfound benefits. These include Centralized security, file and print sharing, data backup, and centralized virus and spyware management. Your servers should be set up by specialists that can take unique variables into consideration. Things like files, databases, applications, printers, user’s rights, and security systems are unique to each company and need to be integrated in a relevant fashion. Your network should include the usual backup systems and remote monitoring. However you cannot forget the physical protection of redundant power supplies, hot swap RAID hard drives, and UPS systems.

Here at On-Site Techs we provide all of the above mentioned services. We take it to the next level by offering surveillance camera systems. If it involves technology and will make your business safe and productive we can do it! What sets us apart is how we do it. We specialize in compassion and communication. Our clients’ comfort is our number one goal. We walk you through every step of the process. We never make a repair, change anything, or make an installation, unless you are 100% comfortable.  We treat you like the VIP that you are during every step. So contact us today. We will provide corporate level IT services without treating you like a statistic.