network monitoring

Computer network monitoring and maintenance

Computer network monitoring and maintenance

If your network is connected to the Internet, someone will try to attack it. If you let down your guard long enough, they’ll succeed. Ongoing network monitoring and maintenance are the key to a secure network.

A firewall is essential. It can be either a machine designed for the purpose or an off-the-shelf computer running firewall software (and as little other software as possible). Either way, make regular use of its monitoring and reporting capabilities, setting it up to notify the administrator in case of unusual traffic.

You need to find the appropriate level of notification. Casual attempts to exploit weaknesses are so common that stopping to investigate each one is impractical. Set up notifications when there’s an unusually high level of attempts or significant anomalies in traffic. A large number of failed login attempts, for instance, can be a sign of a concerted attack. If your administrators get too many alerts for routine situations, though, they might not notice when a serious issue arises.

Notifications of unusual outgoing activity are equally important. They may point at a compromised machine on the local network, in which case you need to take quick action. Excessive outgoing traffic may indicate that one or more of your computers have been "zombified" and are sending out spam. You want to catch this quickly, before your provider notices and cuts you off or major email services blacklist you.

Network monitoring also lets you know when your servers are getting more legitimate traffic than they can handle. If your network is providing a service to customers, slow responses can make them unhappy even though they aren’t saying anything to you. If it’s overloaded with responses to requests coming from your network, you may have to upgrade your Internet connection to stay productive. Or maybe you’ve just got an employee who’s watching too many videos instead of working.

For firewall, antivirus, and other protection software to be effective, you have to keep them up to date. New threats are always emerging, and vendors try to keep up with them. Either set the software to auto-update or, if you prefer to review it first, run daily checks for new updates. This applies to the operating system on each computer as well.

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