virus removal

Computer or phone scam victim

Did you or someone you know receive a call from Microsoft?

Or was it Dell, HP or the IRS?

Almost everyday we get calls from customers that have been targeted by these thieves. The person will tell you that they can see on their system that your computer is infected by hundreds of pieces of malware, Trojans etc. and if you would like for them to fix it for you (for a fee of course). or they have popup windows on their computer with a woman voice who starts speaking over the computer very loudly, while a loud siren screaming in the background. She loudly tells you not shut off your computer, and she instructs me over and over again to immediately telephone the telephone number shown on the computer screen to receive immediate virus removal help from them.

None of this is real and is just tactics used to make you give out your credit card information and steal your money.  Sometimes once they get access to your system they will leave malware behind so they can access your computer without you knowing it.

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