Could your small business use Managed IT services?

"I’m sorry, I don’t know whats wrong." Could your small business use Managed IT services?

Chances are you are not a highly trained specialist in virus and malware protection. you probably are not a specialist in hardware installation and integration. If you run a small business you have likely felt the pressure of a system failure or a computer crash at least once, probably at the worst possible moment, like tax time or when payroll is due and it is time to print employee checks or make those direct deposits happen. Hiring managed IT services could help with that. 

Running your own show is rewarding, and updating your growth and new products or practices on social media should be a regular activity in your online presence, but it is also time-consuming, and sometimes it just gets pushed to the back burner. It seems like such a small detail but in today’s integrated world of digital and physical reality your internet workplace matters, and it matters a lot. Keeping things current would be so much easier with some information technology professionals on your team. Our technicians can help.

"What do you mean you lost my (insert critical information here)." You can’t do business if you cannot find your businesses information. Data security is about more than virus protection and information recovery. It is about peace of mind. Having a staff of IT professionals on call can provide that peace of mind.

These are just a few things to think about tonight after you lock up and go home for the day, and if you are worried about what is happening after you leave the shop for the night, call us, we can set you up with security cameras too. Give them a call at 401-773-7766 or click here.