Data backup protects your business

Data backup protects your business

One of the most important assets your business has it its data files. Losing business records, correspondence, customer lists, and scheduled events can force a business to shut down. Theft, power surges, accidental erasure, and malware are just some of the events that can wipe out the data on a computer. A good data backup plan is cheap insurance against such disasters and a key part of system management. For the best protection, you should have an onsite and an offsite backup.

For onsite backup, you just need to buy an external drive, connect it to your computer, and set up software to run periodic backups. On the Macintosh, Time Machine is already installed, and you just need to configure it to keep the backup drive up to date. On Windows 10, you can use File History or Windows Backup and Restore. File History is better for regular backups, while you can use Backup and Restore to create a snapshot of the system. Both together provide the most safety. Backup and Restore lets you create a one-time system image and store it away, and then you can set up File History to do ongoing backups to another drive. An external disk drive costs around a hundred dollars, so it’s not a huge investment.

Some disasters can affect your whole office, so you also need a backup that’s physically remote. Many services compete in this market, and the cost per year is low. We offer remote backup on our residential and business support plans, fully encrypted and managed by us. The initial backup may take days, but don’t panic; after that it will back up only files that have changed.

Make sure your backup really works, and that you know how to restore files from it. Keep the password for your online service in a safe place such as a fireproof lockbox, so that you don’t lose it along with your data.

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