Don’t Let Your Domain Get Hijacked!

Don’t Let Your Domain Get Hijacked!

In business today you are probably give out your web address often. Your Web domain is your business identity on the internet. You may have a business website to represent your brand. Every bit of content reflects your business. You might also have email addresses at the domain name ( Imagine the upset of finding out that someone else has stolen your domain.

When your domain gets hijacked, you lose control of your website, its email addresses, all associated accounts and it’s not easy to recover them.

Examples from the Infosec Institute:  

An advertising agency spent US$15,000 and 19 months recovering its stolen domain.

The owner of lost US$50,000 and had to lay off six of its eight employees. He said domain name theft is "like your house got stolen."

How does a domain get stolen?

There are several ways this can happen to an individual or a business.

The simplest is that your domain name expires without you knowing.  Domain registrars are required to send notice one month and one week before the domain expires. The reminders can sometimes go to an email address that is no longer active or to the Web company that set your site up years ago. Once your domain rights lapse, your site gets disabled and the domain name goes back into a pool of domain names for anyone to buy.

There are criminals who make money from purchasing domains. They hope to profit from your company’s need to get its domain back. Or they profit from redirecting traffic from your Web address to their own.

There are also "Domain hijackers." These cybercriminals also want to profit from Web traffic redirects or to access your domain emails to send false invoices. They might intercept emails sent to your domain to learn proprietary information. They could also change the content on your site or redirect traffic to a hub for online gambling, or worse.

These hijackers could try to steal your domain by gaining access to the email account you used to set up the domain. Cybercriminals might also use phishing emails to obtain the access credentials. They can use the password reset mechanism to take over your account and transfer the domain to a different registrar.Your domain registration company could be affected, too. At Onsite Techs we recommnd picking an accredited registrar for your domain registration.

Protect Against Domain Hijacking

At Onsite Techs we help businesses with this kind of problem.  We can provide your business with ongoing domain management.  Our first step is to protect your access credentials. Leveraging two-factor authentication can also help prevent hijackers from stealing your domain. We may also use a registry lock. This lets you know of suspicious activity and gives you some time to react.  It’s important to know who is managing your domain anme and how it’s being managed.  Let Onsite Techs make sure this process is up to date for your business.

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