Experts Recommend Cloud-Based Spam Filters

Experts Recommend Cloud-Based Spam Filters

Recently, Penn State University faculty, staff members, and students fell prey to a common scam; spoofed emails. These appeared to be from legitimate delivery services such as FedEx. The email was so convincing that hundreds of recipients opened the attached .zip file, without hesitation and unknowingly installed a type of software known as ransomware on computers across campus. Not only were the targets of the scam fooled, so apparently, was the institution’s email spam filter.

Need for Business-Grade Email Spam Solution

With the increased sophistication and perseverance of cyber criminals, it is more important than ever that businesses be on the defensive when it comes to their protecting their email. The general MO for these crimes is to use clever and highly targeted emails to lead you to websites that are able to, without your knowledge or permission, install small pieces of software on your system. This software collects your private information. Once collected, the information is then sold on a very well organized underground economy. This makes the need for a business-grade Spam filter for your server and email imperative in today’s environment. 

Are you already a victim? offers these tips on detecting, encountering and preventing malware on your computer.

You might have a problem if:

  • Your homepage redirects you to another site.
  • You are redirected to another site without warning and without clicking anything.
  • You are experiencing pop-ups even though you have them blocked in settings.
  • You are experiencing crashes.
  • You notice a change in your toolbar or new programs.
  • Your computer is lagging, whether online or offline.
  • You see a message directing you to pay for an "unlock" or to rid your computer of the virus. This is ransomware.

Take These Steps Immediately

Requirements for Business Grade Spam Filters

Experts recommend that businesses and institutions have email and server spam filtering that meets the following criteria.

  • Is cloud based – no hardware of software
  • Real-time protection
  • Offers inbound and outbound protection
  • Provides comprehensive reporting and custom filters
  • Is compatible with your current web and cloud-based applications, software, and hardware.

Without effective email defense, businesses risk data leaks, possible disruption in functionality and consumer loss of confidence, all of which will affect your bottom line. To find out how OnsiteTech can help protect your organization from malicious email spam, contact our experts for a consultation today.