Small Business IT Services

Finding the Right Fit for Your Small Business IT Service

Finding the Right Fit for Your Small Business IT Service

You know better than anyone the unique challenges of running a small business. Unlike big corporations, there isn’t a headquarters to fall back to, you don’t have international locations, and you can’t just take a pre-configured computer out of petty cash when yours breaks down. For small businesses, especially those with fewer than 20 employees, every computer matters. Your ability to run your necessary business software, stay in contact with clients, and provide your services is vital to the bottom line and the livelihoods of everyone invested in the company. This means that every single computer based issue, no matter how seemingly small, needs the immediate prioritized attention of your IT service.

Small Business vs Big IT

When choosing your IT service, it’s important to know how they will treat you when that fateful day comes and you need technical assistance within the hour, not within the day or week. IT services that cater to big businesses have big business policies and can take for granted how important every broken minute of a computer is to your small business. You don’t have another computer to fall back on and there isn’t nearly so much ‘wiggle room’ in your budget for days spent offline and on the phone with IT. You simply cannot afford to trifle with the infrastructure of automated phone trees, multiple transfers, or drawn out solutions. When it comes to the right IT service for your small business, you may be looking in the wrong places.

Boutique IT for Small Business Needs

Not every IT service caters to the big corporations. Some have realized that there are thousands of small businesses whose needs are not being met, and have endeavored to fill that niche. Many of these new agencies have been small businesses themselves and understand the technical needs of companies with only a few employees and computers. One broken computer in your office is a significant percent of your total technical resources, unlike the fraction of a percent it would be to a large corporation, and each IT solution needs to be treated with a heightened amount of urgency and attention. With a small business IT service, you know your needs will be addressed with the gravity they deserve, and your representative admin will work closely with you to get your computers back online as quickly as humanly possible.

Handling Necessary Repairs

Sometimes your issue isn’t caused by software, viruses, or a flaky internet service provider. Every now and then, there’s a truly hardware based problem and repairs are necessary. This doesn’t change the vital importance of getting back online quickly, only the steps required to do so. To prepare for these potentially disastrous moments, be careful which IT service you choose, many only offer online and cloud solutions. They may make recommendations about repairs but under no circumstances will arrive at your office with toolkit in hand. For this kind of service, you need not only boutique, but local IT professionals ready to do whatever it takes to get your business tech back into ship shape before your next client calls in.

If you run a small business, choosing your IT service is an incredibly important decision because you need them to be there when it matters most. Your company deserves better than a one-size-fits-all solution, and there’s no need to settle for services tailored to the needs of big business. Look for boutique IT, ready to provide service exactly when and how you need it, online, over the phone, or in your office making physical repairs. For small businesses in the Rhode Island area, Onsite Techs are the solution you’ve been looking for, providing personalized IT services from Charlestown to Providence and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for more helpful small business IT information or to schedule a consultation with one of our expert technicians. We’re ready to provide everything your small business needs from an IT service.