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Five Reasons New Home Businesses Should Have a Local IT Contact

Five Reasons New Home Businesses Should Have a Local IT Contact

If you have a home business, getting your home office set up in a way that is effective and professional can be a challenge, but is a must. One thing you shouldn’t discredit are your IT needs, including having a local service contact. If you find yourself in a bind either with file recovery, possible viruses, or other computer-based problems, this can slow your business down. Here are five reasons an on-site tech that can come to you will keep your business moving forward and ahead of the game.

Advice for Businesses

Home computers might come with certain help desks that are great for this use, but not really appropriate for a business setting. You might be using email to reach a wide audience, working behind the scenes in website development, or will be managing listservs. The protection you might need will be specialized, and your computer might actually be more of a target. If you can ensure you have the right protections set up and monitored on your work computer with a professional, you can feel confident in future business endeavors from your home work space.

Home Computers Versus Work Spaces

If you have both a family computer and a business computer, keeping these separate but equally protected is important. Home offices might share WiFi with their family’s tech needs, or family members might even use your work computer here are there. These are big reasons why you need to make sure all computers in your home are protected. On-site techs can review your system and suggest safeguards such as virus protection, stronger passwords, and troubleshooting problems in a home office.

Protecting Your Clients

If you use a computer to contact your clients and grow your business, it isn’t just your computers and IT items that you should be thinking about safeguarding. You don’t want to be a target for viruses that you could inadvertently spread to your clients. Make sure your virus protection is up-to-speed, your internet connection is protected, and other measures are put into place so that clients you interface with are protected as well. The best way to keep your business at a professional level is not to inadvertently cause costly mistakes that can anger clients.

Having Local Support

Even if your computer or other home office technology comes with a warranty or a hotline that can be called, sometimes having local IT support can quickly solve problems and ease frustrations. If you are working on a deadline or have quick turn-around windows when it comes to your business needs, having a computer system that won’t fail you is important. The thing is, accidents happen, and you might find yourself in a bind with your home office. Knowing you have a local expert that can quickly come and trouble-shoot can make all of the difference.

Growing Your Company

While your small business might be run out of your home office at this point, this may grow in the future to a larger site or involve more staff. If you already have IT support set up for your business needs, this can seamlessly grow with your business and move into larger spaces and future needs with you. Finding local IT support that can work for small and large businesses will give you the flexibility to move your company forward and benefit from the same tech help.

Starting a small business out of your home can be a great opportunity, but getting started on the right foot is key. If computer-based systems or other technology needs aren’t necessarily your strong suit, there are local tech support professionals that can help your business grow and stay professional every step of the way. If you are looking for an on-site IT support for your home business in Rhode Island, contact us for help.