Fix my computer

Fix My Computer: Something Isn’t Right!

Fix My Computer: Something Isn’t Right!

Is something wrong with your computer that you can’t put your finger on? Maybe there are days it won’t boot up the first time, then works when you try again. Maybe it crashes too often, but not in a predictable way. Maybe it just slows way down for a while, then gets back to normal.

You might be hesitating about whether to have someone fix your computer. You’re afraid that if you do, it will perversely run flawlessly while a technician looks at it. Maybe it’s really just normal operation. If it usually runs and there’s no smoke coming out, maybe you should leave well enough alone.

It’s true that you can’t call for service every time something misbehaves, but ignoring real problems is dangerous. An issue that gets bad enough can completely stop your machine from running and wreck your files. When it reaches that point, it’s more expensive and disruptive to fix, and you might not get all your data back.

To fix or not to fix?

How do you decide when a computer problem needs professional attention? Here are some guidelines:

  • Failure to boot. If not booting up is a common occurrence, even if it does the second time, you’ve got a problem. Some component may be working only after the machine warms up, and this can be a sign of more serious failure to come.
  • Files getting garbled or lost. If a file disappears just once, it could be a user error. If it happens repeatedly, or if garbage data shows up in a file, you have a problem. If you ignore it, you could lose a lot of data.
  • Mysterious hesitations. This is a tricky case. When you first bring up the computer or log into an account, it will be slow as it loads up all its resources. Files may seem to be missing, then appear. That’s normal and not a cause for worry. When you connect to the Internet, you’ll sometimes experience long pauses, and that’s normal too. What’s more suspicious is periods when the system seems to freeze for a while after it’s been running normally. Sometimes there are harmless reasons for this, but if your system is misbehaving in other ways as well, it could be a cause for concern.
  • Software crashes. If one application crashes consistently, it might just be a software bug, and you should look for an update or search the Web for similar problems before taking more serious steps. But if different applications are crashing in unpredictable ways and it’s a frequent occurrence, that could be a sign of underlying problems.

Fixing isn’t just hardware

A computer is a complicated combination of hardware and software, and it isn’t just hardware that needs repair. Your file tables could be corrupted. Your disk might be full. Malware could be lurking on your computer. You might have incompatible or buggy software installed.

When you have your computer serviced, a technician will run a series of diagnostic tests to find both hardware and software problems. This can uncover problems which you didn’t know existed, giving you a more reliable, stable system after they’re fixed.

The problem isn’t always inside the box. If you have connected devices, they can have their own problems. If they aren’t getting reliable power or the connecting cable is defective, that will cause problems. Power supplies can go bad. We can look at your entire system or network to see where any problems might be.

If you’re still not sure whether you need to fix your computer, contact us and describe your problem. We’ll let you know if it sounds like something that needs attention or just the normal strangeness computers sometimes show. The final decision is up to you.