For Small Organizations: The Importance of a Disaster Recovery Plan

For Small Organizations: The Importance of a Disaster Recovery Plan

It’s tempting to assume that only medium and large organizations — those with more than 50 employees — need a disaster recovery plan. These organizations typically have some differentiation of employees into departments or teams, and they need a plan for continuing operations after a disaster. The reality is that small businesses are particularly vulnerable to being temporarily or permanently crippled by disasters. One reason is that small organizations lack a large budget and have a small IT staff. They must depend on a skeleton crew or an external provider to restore hardware and software systems to normal conditions. 

Try Disaster Recovery Planning With Onsite Techs!

As a small business owner or a private individual with computer systems that matter to you, imagine the appeal of having the right experts on your side. If you take the time to craft an appropriate disaster recovery plan, you and your employees will know what steps to take to get all IT systems up and running again. That’s right! A bit of planning goes a long way. With a recovery plan, employees and external IT techs know what to do in response to various scenarios. If all of the servers fail, for example, they know which systems to restore first because they will have the greatest impact on customers while offline. 

You Aren’t Alone!

We like to think the support that our techs offer will ease your mind. In fact, we’re glad to assist you with writing a disaster recovery plan. This might include recommendations that some or all of your IT systems should move to the cloud or that your company should invest in faster servers.

We want you to feel positive about the level of preparedness in your organization.  Inquiring about disaster recovery planning does not obligate you to specific services. For details, please contact us today.