Four Pieces of IT Advice You Should Never Ignore When it Comes to Your Small Business

Four Pieces of IT Advice You Should Never Ignore When it Comes to Your Small Business

These days, there are very few small businesses that aren’t empowered by technology and computer systems. If you are relying on your IT needs to support your business on a daily basis, it is important that your technology can keep up. Bringing in an IT professional to assess your space and tech needs is a great start. The next step is to put advice into practice when it comes to your work space and IT security. Here are four pieces of advice you may hear from an IT professional that you should strive to incorporate into your small business.

  1. Computer and Software Upgrades

If you own a small business, you know that behind-the-scenes infrastructure can be expensive. One area you shouldn’t skimp on is technology, especially when it comes to computer and computer-related equipment. Your local IT specialist is in the field and knows what current systems will make your business more efficient. If your personal computer doubles for your business needs or might be a few years old, you may be due for an upgrade. If your IT specialist recommends new equipment, just remember that this could save you money and frustration in the future.

  1. Setting up Automatic Updates

While your computer might be up-to-speed today and working well, this doesn’t mean that your systems will be safe and updated tomorrow. The best way to protect your computers, your business, and your clients is to set up automatic updates so that you don’t have to manually update items in the future. An IT professional can come and set up auto updates so that your computer can do these on-schedule when it comes to software needs and patches to the system. While shutting down your system for scheduled updates might feel like a pain, ignoring or putting these off can cause risks to all aspects of your business. If you can let your computer update in the background or overnight, you won’t lose too much time and your operating systems will be protected and updated. 

  1. A Mechanism to Back up Files

If a big part of your business is online or through programs on your computer, the last thing you want to happen is to lose any progress you’ve made. If your IT specialist recommends backing up your files to a cloud-based system or to an external hard drive, this isn’t something that you should delay. This is a good way to protect your work, as well as information pertaining to your clients. Be sure to set up reminders to back up work that you save to your computer periodically so that you don’t let this lapse. An IT specialist should be able to set up your systems to back up in real-time as well, especially if this goes to an external server or cloud-based tool.

  1. Take Security Tips Seriously

You might not think that you are at much risk for viruses or hacking scams if your business is small, but these risks can happen to anyone and you need to protect yourself. Your IT professional might recommend resetting passwords periodically or setting these up with stronger requirements. If firewall and additional virus protection is recommended, this can also protect your systems so you aren’t a victim or inadvertently pass on computer viruses to others – especially clients. Sometimes this additional work can feel like a pain, but is worth the effort when it comes to protecting your computer systems and those you work with.

If you are running a small business, you might be trying to do all pieces of this on your own. If you aren’t sure if your technological needs are really up to par, it might be time to bring in a professional. If you can hire on a local IT tech to come in an assess your work space and equipment, you can work more efficiently and keep your business safe and secure. If you are looking for IT assistance for your small business in the Rhode Island area, contact us to help.