Helpful Guide to PC Backup

Here’s a Helpful Guide to PC Backup

In today’s fast-paced world, PC Backup is of the utmost importance. Usually data files, photos, music, projects and films are all stored in a common place – your PC however, having all your computer files in only one place is quite unsafe as you can easily lose the data you’ve spent a lot of time accumulating and creating.

There are several forms of backup that you can use to reduce the risk of ever losing your precious data. But why is it that so many people still complain of losing some important files? Perhaps it’s because most people think it’s a complicated affair but we are going to debunk all these using this simple and helpful guide to PC Backup.

What should you back in addition to your ‘important files?’

Documents, photos, music and film are usually the first things to be backed up, but you should also consider other data types such as:

  • Browsers

This might not seem important until you lose all your passwords, bookmarks, favorites and cookies. Most browsers come with an onsite backup feature, for example, Mozilla has an inbuilt backup and sync in Firefox. All you need to do is set up an account on the menu bar and you can set this up on all your Firefox enabled devices.

  • Email

Ensure that all your important emails are backed up especially if you don’t use Gmail or You can either back up your emails manually or consult our technicians here at Onsite Techs for a more efficient method.

Other data you should consider backing up are drivers and social networks such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram and linked in, just in case of data loss.

Different types of backup

  • Selecting files

If you have specific data that you want to back up, use software that allows you select the files you want to save, but remember, you need to have at least 2 copies of a file done on a regular basis to ensure you are always safely backed up.

  • Cloud storage and file synching

If you are using more than one computer, then you need to use a file synchronization software that will ensure you always have the same files on all your devices. This include online backup that allows you to access your file even from your smartphone at any time for as long you have internet connectivity. You can use Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive.

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When it comes to PC Backup, you are better safe than sorry!

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