Helping Your Small Business Staff Out in the Field

Helping Your Small Business Staff Out in the Field

Despite having a small business staff of 5-15 employees, you’re probably discovering your team has little time to spend in the office. In the world of law, manufacturing, contracting, insurance, or real estate, your team is probably out working with clients in the field to keep your small operation afloat.

As a result, they’re likely using mobile devices often to either communicate with you, clients, or entering critical data to use later. While this helps make your small business run more efficiently, do you have managed IT services in place to help you through potential disasters?

With top insurance companies pointing out that far too many small businesses don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place, you may have to think about your own risk. Those same statistics show it takes three months or more for small businesses to recover from disasters, which could pose a devastating financial blow.

This isn’t necessary when you have dedicated IT management in place to keep things monitored across your entire network.

Preventing Disasters in the Field

Many note the potential pitfalls of applying a BYOD policy to the workplace where employees use mobile devices on their own time. One of the biggest concerns is using public Wi-Fi networks when needing Internet service in outlying locations.

These are particularly vulnerable because they don’t have security teams monitoring the network. It could make any private data your field employees deal with open to hackers, hence possibly violating compliance rules.

When hiring an IT management team to work for you, they’ll monitor the network of your team’s mobile devices so assure they have complete security. This monitoring goes on around the clock so those working on weekends and holidays get assured security, plus tech support when it’s needed.

Dealing With Nature and Theft

Natural disasters are everywhere today, typically in places we don’t expect. What happens if a natural disaster suddenly hits, and your team’s mobile devices somehow go missing?

The same goes for theft as the most common problem for mobile devices used in field work. All it takes is one second for a smartphone or tablet containing private data to get into the hands of a thief.

Quality IT management handles these problems for you by making sure your data is always sent to a secure server. There, you can retrieve all contents when your mobile devices get lost.

Back at your headquarters, all of the above could occur as well. IT managers work remotely and monitor your network in your office 24/7. Frequently, problems occurring in the middle of the night can get fixed before you even come to work in the morning.

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