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How Managed IT Services Can Help Your Bottom Line

How Managed IT Services Can Help Your Bottom Line

Very small businesses usually can’t afford a full-time IT person. One alternative is to put whoever knows computers best in charge, but that’s a risky approach and can cut into that person’s other responsibilities. Hiring a managed IT services provider may seem more expensive, but it can actually save money. Downtime costs money, and a reliable, well-maintained setup keeps employees productive.

The ways managed services can keep your costs down and revenue up include:

  • Professional setup. A local network that’s properly set up avoids annoying connectivity glitches that take away from productive work.
  • Security support. Setting up a firewall, making sure individual machines are secure, and full-time
    monitoring add up to less exposure to outside attacks. A single ransomware attack can cost a lot. When computers keep running all the time, without having to remove hostile code, employees can stay busy and revenue keeps coming in.
  • Software upgrades. When software is always up to date, it’s less vulnerable to attacks over the Net, with the same benefits.
  • Software purchases. MSPs can often get you software for less than the direct retail cost.
  • Cloud software. Cloud services sometimes are more economical than buying software, and the extra connectivity they offer may provide even more benefits. Your MSP can help to set them up.
  • Performance monitoring. If your service goes down in the evening, you don’t want to wait till the next morning to find out. Full-time monitoring means quick recovery if possible, or a prompt notification to you if necessary. Extended downtime can result in lost business.
  • Backup. If one of your computers loses its files and they aren’t backed up, the information loss can cost a lot. Ongoing backup makes recovery easier and can save a business from failing.

When your business’s financial well-being depends on a reliable, uninterrupted IT structure, managed services can be a smart investment. Contact us for more information.