How Often Must You Back Up Your Data For Full Disaster Recovery?

How Often Must You Back Up Your Data For Full Disaster Recovery?

When disaster strikes and your company’s operations are interrupted, every hour of downtime means lost revenue. Worse, it can potentially mean the loss of customers who turn to competitors to get the goods or services you are unable to provide. That’s why having a well thought-out disaster recovery plan (DRP) that enables you to get your operations restored as quickly as possible is crucial to the continued success of your business.

Most companies realize that they need to back up their data on a regular basis. What many have not adequately considered is the fact that the frequency of their backups can have a huge impact on their ability to recover from a disruption. For example, if backups are performed on a weekly basis, up to a full week of data accumulated before the outage might be unrecoverable. If that data includes customer payment records, or perhaps clinical notes taken at a medical facility, that large a gap would clearly be unacceptable.

There is, of course, a cost tradeoff associated with more frequent backups. Simply put, the more backups you do in a given period of time, the more it will cost. That’s why in formulating your disaster recovery plan, you’ll need to assess which portions of your data actually require frequent backups, and which have less stringent backup requirements. Customer transaction data, for example, might need to be backed up in near real time. On the other hand, information stored in your Human Resources department’s employee database will probably remain safe even with a much less frequent backup schedule.

One of the advantages of using a cloud-based managed services provider, such as Onsite Techs, is that they can manage your backup schedule at whatever level of granularity is needed. You’ll be able to designate which sets of data require more frequent backups, and which can be handled on a more leisurely (but still regular) basis. Onsite Techs can manage the entire backup process on a schedule that fits your particular needs. And the great thing is, you’ll pay only for the backups that are actually done.

If you’re ready to determine the best data backup strategy to insure your business can fully recover when disaster strikes, Onsite Techs would be happy to assist you. Please contact us.