Managed IT Services Can Help Prevent Massive Outages

Managed IT Services Can Help Prevent Massive Outages

Recently, Delta made the news with a costly power outage that disrupted its computer systems, leading to numerous delayed or canceled flights. Though further investigation is necessary, it’s possible that the outage and its rippling effects stemmed from an overly complicated system with too few backups and redundancies.

Outages occur for all kinds of reasons and extract steep costs from companies. Although no company can afford to get bogged down by outages, smaller businesses are especially vulnerable, as they have a harder time bouncing back from IT disasters.

To reduce the chances of an outage, or to respond more quickly and effectively to it, small businesses can rely on managed IT services. The following are some of the ways a managed services provider can help:

  • Regularly evaluating and performing maintenance on your company’s hardware.
  • Performing updates to software whenever new versions are available. (Updates usually fix security and performance issues from older versions.)
  • Upgrading different components of your computer system when necessary.
  • Monitoring your network for signs that parts of your system are struggling or failing.
  • Backing up your data reliably, on a timely schedule, so that you can recover the most recent copies and successfully restore the data after an IT outage. (Permanent data loss and outdated data backups are among the crippling costs of an outage.)
  • Ensuring that you meet high cyber security standards. Network monitoring, firewalls, and anti-malware programs are all essential cyber defenses. Managed services providers also stay up-to-date on the latest threats.
  • Checking your system for major flaws. Maybe your current IT setup, with the way your devices are connected and configured, makes you more vulnerable to an IT outage.

Be sure to contact us for more information about our managed services. Working with a high-quality managed services provider will reduce the chances of a major IT outage and its crippling financial losses.