Managed IT services for small businesses, a huge cost savings

Managed IT services for small businesses, a huge cost savings

Why Managed IT services for small businesses?

If you are a small to medium- sized business looking for ways to beat the competition and stay on top of the heap, look no further than managed IT services. With managed IT services the buyer gets to set the parameters and the pricing they can afford through a contract called an SLA, or service level agreement. The SLA will identify for both parties what is needed, and what the purchaser can afford. The payments are scheduled monthly. If a purchaser decides they need more or less managed services, they contact the service provider and re-negotiate the contract. These types of contracts offer many variations on IT services, at a fraction of the cost of having an in-house IT team handling your computer infrastructure.

How does this help my small business or home office save money?

Managed IT services in a small business can be scaled up or down according to demand and needs. Once the contract is in place, the IT group monitors or "manages" your entire system from a remote location. Updates, security patches and other compliance issues for servers are handled remotely and quickly. While you are focused on running your business and making a profit, the managed IT team is remotely guaranteeing that all of your systems and updates and security patches are handled on time, and out of the office.

In-house IT gets pricey.

So pricey that the majority of smaller businesses and home offices just won’t use them. There is no sense in hiring someone to manage your data and technology who charges more for three days of work than your entire infrastructure cost to begin with. Managed IT can make all the difference. For a set fee, your systems, precious data and storage are all maintained and pampered off-site. No interruptions in the work-flow, and no labor costs associated with having an IT team or person.

From security to software, managed IT has the bases covered.

Managed IT specializes in guaranteeing the safety and security of your servers, infrastructure and software. Your data and clients are protected by a 24 hour watch that alerts the management group to any and all hackers or viruses trying to breach your system. They also ensure that your software, all of it, is up to date and fully enabled. From the remote location they will monitor all of your hardware and keep it in top form. It is a way to have twenty- four- hour eyes on all the components of your system without any extra people on the premises.

This puts your business in the realm of having high-level technology at affordable costs.

As a small business you have the same technology advantage the big boys and girls have, at a fraction of the cost. That kind of technological advantage always spells good news for your bottom line.

Managed IT is an excellent option in the competitive business atmosphere.

It is tough to make a small business thrive with the competition out there. Not to mention rising labor and supply costs. Any opportunity to save money while still getting great service is a boon. From lawyers to accountants to small doctor’s offices, managed IT is a great resource. When you are ready to learn more about your managed IT options please contact us