Management Tools for Your Small Business

Most small businesses and individuals are not in the technology field.  While some business owners may have just enough knowledge to set up their necessary local software, discussion of networks and security is beyond their scope.  Regardless, these are essential elements of running a secure business in just about any area and not addressing them could end up costing you both time and money.  Here some basic technology management tools that you should investigate for your growing business.


It no longer makes sense for everyone in an office to have a separate and isolated PC as shared information is generally vital to running a business.  Depending on your company and its needs, setting up a network is probably going to save you money in long run.  Whether you choose to use server technology, the cloud, or some combination of the two will depend on your circumstances.

Data Security

Regardless of the type of system you set up, data security is more important today than ever.  On the server side, firewalls should be used and strong anti-virus protection put in place.  Employees should also be trained on security issues, such as protecting access points.

Password Protection

Password protection is a big part of data security and it can’t be understated.  While all employees should be trained to use strong passwords, these may still be vulnerable to hacking.  There are several good password management tools for small businesses that promise to keep your information secure.  Among these are CommonKey, LastPass, and Password Genie.   Each of these tools locks down your personal information and even allows you delegation permissions if you wish to share it with managers.

Backup Solutions

There is nothing worse than having a computer failure in your business and losing valuable data.  Customer names, sales records, or important financial information can disappear overnight.  This is why it is so important to have automatic backup and restore systems in place.  Our solutions are very affordable considering the potential cost to your business of a data loss.

Troubleshooting Issues

When an issue with business systems does arise, having a local company that you can turn to for onsite fast assistance is critical.  Most businesses aren’t prepared to simply shut down when there are customers waiting, so finding a company with a 1 hour service window would be ideal.  Often, the issue could be as simple as virus removal or malware removal and other times there may be more technical problems such as networking updates that haven’t been installed.

While most people didn’t go into business to run network systems and troubleshoot virus removal problems, they are a fact of life in today’s world.  Setting up an efficient running system is the first step and having safeguards in place for backup and ongoing services will keep your company online and taking care of its core business.