Network security and you

Network security and you

Network security is everyone’s responsibility. Your computer network, large or small, can still be easily compromised. You have installed the latest virus protection and it is up to date. Check. You have installed Malware programs and the definitions are up to date. Check. Network passwords secure and changed regularly. Check. So, how, you ask, is your network at risk?


It is not just your network, it is every network OnSite Tech visits.  It is not just a network problem.  It infects the home, too.  You have never heard of EBCAK?  It is one of those acronyms that get tossed around, but frequently not explained.  EBCAK.  Error between chair and keyboard. You.

Spear Phishing. 

A common way to compromise a system or network is spear phishing.  Spear phishing is when an email shows up in your inbox.  It is obviously from a trusted source, only it is not.  The email asks you for additional information, like your name, social security number, or credit card number. Since it is from a company that you regularly do business with, what can it hurt? You open it. You follow directions. Compromise is complete. Spear Phishing is nothing new. It has been around for years. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has even written articles about it.

How to protect yourself.

Think before you act. If you must take an action that seems even the least bit odd, don’t take it. The email may have the correct logo, it might even be personalized with your first name, but something is not right. Don’t bite. Do not give out personal information. Protect yourself.