Network Security Is Crucial

Network Security Is Crucial to Small Business Survival

  When you close your business for the evening, you probably lock all of the doors and windows to make sure that nobody can get in. Physical security is important to you; you wouldn’t want to return in the morning to find your cash register and safe emptied or your equipment and inventory missing. You should take the same types of measures to protect your network security. For many small businesses, more money flows through their network than their cash register. Credit card charges, banking logins and other financial transactions all flow through your network. This makes insecure networks a target for hackers looking for ways to access financial accounts and steal money. Every year, small businesses lose millions of dollars to hackers; according to NPR, theft from small business bank accounts is often not covered by the bank. Maintaining your network security is key to reducing your risk of cybertheft. Holes in your network can allow hackers to enter and set up software that monitors your transactions, and then create transactions of their own. This may be what happened to business owner Stuart Rolfe; hackers likely monitored his communications with his bookkeeper, and then used the information to credibly instruct his bookkeeper to send more than $1 million of his money to accounts in China. Cyber security professionals can help to reduce the risk of these types of thefts by securing your network, ensuring that your systems are patched and secured. They can scan your systems for known types of rootkits and help you to develop a security strategy. If you need help designing and executing a network security plan for your business, please contact us.

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