Network Security: Securing Your Passwords

Network Security: Securing Your Passwords

Whether you’re logging into your personal laptop, or are doing business transactions from a mobile device, passwords help to keep you secure. Not only are the letters hidden by symbols when typing it out, but the code itself is generally hard to figure out. With that said, sometimes it’s easy to be careless with your password(s), especially in a business environment. When you’re in the workplace, here are some tips you should consider for keeping your password(s) safe.

First of all, don’t share your passwords with those in the workplace. The more we get to know others, the more we trust them. With that said, when we develop a relationship with people on the job, it can be tempting to share our passwords with them. You may be thinking that no one would ever be crazy enough to give away something that valuable. However, you never know what situation may arise. For example, let’s say someone in the workplace is having problems with their laptop. They’re asking to borrow your device momentarily, and want to know the password as well. Would you be willing to give it away, or are you going to enter the password yourself? Would you want them to look away while you’re typing in the password? Things like these are important to take into consideration.

To keep your password(s) more secure, change it on a regular basis as well. Not only will this throw off anyone who’s been trying to guess at it, but this also stops hackers dead in their tracks. Speaking of which, make sure to use a strong password too. Avoid using your social security number or birthday, as those are very easy for anyone to figure out. The key to having a strong password is using a tricky combination of letters, numbers, and symbols, while also making sure it’s something that’s easy for you to remember. There’s nothing worse than making your password so complex, that you end up getting locked out of your laptop or online account.

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