Outsource your computer updates

Outsource your computer updates

Keeping software up to date is important. It’s not just a matter of having the latest features, but eliminating bugs and having up-to-date security protection. Defects turn up, and updates fix them. Some bugs make software work improperly, or they cause crashes. Others leave paths open for malicious software to exploit.

While it’s important, updating everything is also complicated. Essential software includes operating systems, browsers, servers, supporting libraries, and plug-ins. Some of them can auto-update, but others can’t. In some cases you don’t want to use auto-updating, because it might make other software unstable or obsolete. A website might break with the introduction of new server software. One update might depend on installing another update first. You can’t blindly automate everything.

Not all updates need to be installed right away. If one introduces new functionality but doesn’t fix any major bugs, it may be better to wait. It might require you to update a database, website, or other data in order to work properly. In that case, you should delay installing it till you’re ready to address everything related to it.

Many businesses don’t have time to sort out which updates they need and which they should postpone. If you can’t justify a full-time IT staff, handling updates becomes an extra job for people who should really be spending their time on other things. An alternative is to outsource updates to a managed service company.

Full-time professionals working for a managed service will know not just what to update, but when. They’ll know which updates need to be installed right away, and which call for a more cautious approach. If installing a new version could cause compatibility issues, they’ll let you know. They may also catch items that need updating which you weren’t aware of. While they’re doing this, you have more time to focus on business.

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