Parental Control

The internet is part of all of our lives, everyone have access to infinite amounts of data, pictures and movies. A lot of this data is not suited for children and we here at Onsite Techs get asked all the time "How do I control what my children have access to?".

There are a few options for parental control ranging from software to hardware options that can block access specified by the user.

Software solutions

There are many different software packages that will block access to what is specified but the user, we recommend AVG Family Safety and McAfee Family Protection both programs can block games according to the rating and monitor instant messaging. The settings can be accessed from any PC as they are  stored in the cloud. The level of control is very comprehensive and individual user settings are easy to configure.

Hardware Solutions

Some routers have built in parental control, which means you can configure your kids access levels right in the router settings. The benefit is that all devices that access the internet via the router such as computers, tablets and game consoles can have access limited via the routr settings. One of the drawbacks is that individual user settings can be difficult to setup.


If your child have a cellphone then none of the solutions we mentioned above will block anything on the phone once they are of the WiFi network.

Besides the built in parental control settings on a phone you would have to install an app, Net Nanny has IOS and android apps that are very intuitive to setup and configure.


Net Nanny also have a parental control software solution for social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ and LinkedIn.  It identifies online threats such as cyberbullying, cyber-stalking, or grooming.

We have only mentioned a few of the solutions that are out there these days, if you find it all confusing and you don’t know what would be right for you, give us a call and we will be happy to walk you through it step by step.