Password Alternatives That Are Changing How We Log-In

Are You Reusing the Same Passwords for Multiple Accounts? 

Chances are the answer is yes.  Back in the early 2000s, we had a handful of passwords that we could remember and use. Today the average person uses  over 100 passwordprotected websites and apps . Every new website and application we sign up for is another password and it’s become literally impossible to remember them all.   This is causing most people to reuse the same passwords for multiple logins and it’s a big problem .  The rates of cybercrime are through the roof  and reusing passwords makes it very likely that you will be a victim at some point .    

Fortunately, some very effective systems have been developed in response to this problem.  You may have read our recent blog posts about password managers, multi-factor authentication and biometric authentication.  Below we explain 3 more useful solutions.  Don’t be surprised if  you find yourself using one of more of these in the future.   

One-time password systems or magic links provide a mechanism for logging on to a network or service using a unique password that can only be used once. With magic links , the user is sent an email with a link in it. Clicking this link will log the user in in one easy step.  It’s like clicking "forgot  password," getting an email with a one-time-use code, returning to your app and entering the code,  without having to perform have all the steps.     

SSO stands for single sign-on authentication.   SSO enables people to use one set of login credentials, for example, a name and passwordto access multiple applications. With SSO, websites use other trusted sites to verify  a user’s identityThese systems work sort of like ID cards. If you get pulled over for speeding, the police officer doesn’t have to know you personally to identify you They can look at your license and see that the State of Rhode Island vouches for your identity.  Similarly, with SSO, each website doesn’t make  you prove your identity. Instead, it asks LinkedInMicrosoft or Google if they can verify your identity.  If they can, the site takes their word for it.  

Physical Keys are hardware security keys made by various manufacturers to work with hundreds of apps and online services as well as popular web browsers.  They’re easy to use, relatively inexpensive and offer a higher level of protection than  other forms of two-factor authentication (texts, authenticator apps, and notifications) The grid card, for example, is a credit card-sized authenticator you carry with you.  When you  login, you’re presented with a coordinate challenge and must enter information from  your grid card.  Many overseas banks  use grid authentication cardsIt’s an old school version of two-factor authentication because you must be in possession of your card  and know your pin The advantage is that it can’t be accessed by hacking your phone.   

At Onsite Techs we believe that having technology that works for you rather than against you is vital to your success.  We hope you found this information helpful and we are always here to provide dependable small business IT solutions, so you don’t have to worry about IT.