Password Managers

81% of Confirmed Data Breaches are due to passwordss..

Password management is the bane of end users and IT administrators, but there are options to get the most out of the experience and reduce the headaches.

At Onsite Techs we recommend using a password manager as well as multi-factor authentication to combat this problem.

Companies gain new passwords almost on a weekly basis and with very little control on how theesae are managed. This is far too many to memorize, however duplicating passwords is a huge risk.

We recommend combating this issue through the use of a password manager and the use of multi-factor authentication.

Using a password manager encourages users not to reuse passwords and there are plenty of password manager solutions on the market, we use Password Boss,others such  LastPass and Myki are good options as well. 

Multi-factor authentication in combination with a password manager simply creates an extra step for accessing any account and can be the barrier needed to stopping unwanted access.

Did you know that the average business employee has 191 passwords!