Protecting your business against Ransomware

Protecting your business against Ransomware

What is Ransomware?

To protect your business against ransomware, you need to know what it is. Ransomware is the latest in a steady stream of hacks and security breaches designed to remove your hard-earned cash from you through tricks and theft. Brought to you (again) by Eastern European hackers and thieves, Ransomware takes over your hard drive and demands in loud, noisy graphics that you pay x amount of dollars to a certain group, or your hard -drive will crash , destroying everything on it.

Headache inducing? Absolutely.

This obnoxious "banner ad" takes over your screen and will not go away until you are able to patch over the virus and move on. It comes complete with very loud sirens and bells that add to your irritation and frustration as time goes by and you can’t remove the garbage from your screen.

Ransomware often disguises itself as a legitimate company that just "happened" to discover the infection on your system. Because they have hijacked your hard drive, you cannot get through to your system until you have paid the fee. Add to that, Ransomware will attack your emails and all nets that you are on, furthering the chain of infection and frustration.

Ransomware is moving from individuals to businesses.

While the initial ransomware attacks were predominantly directed against individuals, the hackers are upping their game. More and more ransomware attacks are being targeted against businesses. These attacks are far more subtle and designed to dupe a more "computer-savvy" clientele.

Is my business at risk?

Everyone and every company is at risk. It depends on your security protocols and software. Here are three tips that should eliminate the concerns about ransomware attacking your business:

1) Back up every computer every day. While we all know backing up your drives is important, many of us do not understand how important it is. In a business scenario, loss of one days work can destroy a small company. The process of backing up your files can be automated through your server or through a cloud.

2) Have a professional create a solid firewall for your company. A decent firewall can block and strip Ransomware of threat capacity, while at the same time protecting every computer at your office. A decent firewall for a small company can save you thousands of dollars by preventing phishing and other viruses too. A professionally managed firewall will constantly update itself according to the latest attacks.

3) Consider managed services,  Remote moniotring is an excellent alternative to non-stop attacks and cyber- hacking. You may not be able to afford an in-house IT group, but a remote monitoringprovided by a reputable IT company is about a hundredth of the cost, and provides better protection than all the IT geeks on the planet.

In conclusion:

It would be nice if the Eastern European countries could stabilize and create real jobs for these ever- creative cyber-thieves. Until that happens? You need to protect yourself and your company.

Ransomware; just like every other malware and virus on the planet maximizes frustration and lost productivity, while taking your money. When you are ready to fight back against these cyber-criminals, please contact us