Security or Flexibility, What Matters More?

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Security or Flexibility: Which Matters More for Your Business?

Business is all about making choices. One such choice is whether to value IT security or business flexibility more. Unfortunately, you can’t have the best of both at once.

While having absolute security or flexibility may sound good, neither is necessarily for the best. An entirely secure environment is tough on users while a fully flexible IT environment is near impossible to keep safe. When weighing security and flexibility, you can think of it as a slidingscale: more of one means less of the other. If you choose to build up your security, you can limit business productivity because your staff may loose time bumping up against security constraints while trying to get work done. You may on the other hand decide to give your staff full flexibility, but you do so at the risk of leaving your business more vulnerable to cyber attacks. A bank protecting funds or a hospital with private patient data would prioritize security. Alternately, a small widgets business might not worry about data security as much.

Finding the Right Balance

As a business leader, you must find the sweet spot between IT security and business flexibility. Onsite Techs provides businesses with customized IT support to make sure you land in the right place on this sliding scale.

One major consideration is the type of data the IT security is protecting. If you are a credit card or health insurance company, you are responsible for securing customer information, so security is going to be very important to you.  A university with many networked computers also needs to think about security because criminals can target your school’s processors to power their attacks. The potential impacts of a security breach on your business are also a factor. Cyberattacks can mean business disruption, and lost productivity and business revenue, plus damage to brand reputation and loss of customer loyalty. If your business is in a highly regulated industry you could also face massive fines and legal fees. If you run a graphic design business on the other hand, the need for speed and efficiency may outweigh heavier secirity measures.  When work teams collaborate globally, business flexibility is also critical.

Get MSP Input into This Equation

Onsite Techs is what’s called a managed services provider (MSP). Our IT experts will examine your business processes and goals, determine your appetite for risk and effectively set that slider between IT security and business flexibility. We monitor your cybersecurity day and night so that you don’t have to.  At Onsite Tech’s we also recognize the need for adaptable security in order to respond to your businesse’s shifting needs. When that big deal comes up, you don’t want to have to deliberately risk security. Ultimately, you’re looking to achieve flexicurity – just the right combination of both. Onsite Techs will let your technology users do their best, while your business remains secure.

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