Should I update?

"I never know if I should update?"

We hear that almost every time we speak to a customer, some people are worried that they might screw something up or that the notification to update is legit. Many times people do not update because it is inconvenient.

Here is why you should update

An operating system such as Windows, Mac OS or Linux is a very complex piece of software with millions of lines of code. To read through every piece of code would take one person weeks if not months and years, so pinpointing a bug in the code is extremely difficult and very time consuming unless you know what exactly is causing the bug. No operating system, or any other software for that matter, is released bug free. Although beta testers that use and test the software before it is released report many major problems, some major and many minor bugs go undiscovered until months or years after the software is released, so constant updates to fix these bugs are necessary.

Sometimes, problem free program code is changed to make things easier to use or more secure for the end user. Improvements can sometimes be made up to 10 years or more after the software is released! In the first year of an operating system being released to the public, there may still be major problems and security bugs in the code. Fortunately, users are reporting these discovered bugs, therefore developers such as Microsoft and Apple are  fixing those bugs non-stop, and releasing updates. Most people have automatic updates already enabled on operating systems such as Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8, but people that disabled their automatic updates, should check for updates at least monthly, or even better,  enable automatic updates. Many bugs that cause your computer to freeze, programs to close unexpectedly, leave your computer more open to viruses or other attacks, and other undesirable issues can be corrected simply by installing updates on a regular basis.

If you upgraded to Windows 10 then you can no longer turn off Windows Updates, Microsoft took it out of your hands.  This is a good thing for the average user, if you are a tech guy then you might not agree.

Besides windows you should also update your browsers, anti-virus and other software on a regular basis.

If you must have Adobe Flash and Java* make sure they are updated regularly also.

*we recommend uninstalling them completely.