Small Business IT Services

Support Your People With Our Small Business IT Services: We Come to You!

Support Your People With Our Small Business IT Services: We Come to You!

As a small business owner, you hope that your employees can handle all of the essential tasks that your organization requires, but this is not typically the case. A big reason is that startup companies tend to build operations around customer needs. They tend to add various support functions, such as accounting and IT personnel, as their organization grows. Unless your company gives IT support to other businesses or designs computing networks, you probably don’t consider IT to be one of your core competencies. You probably need more IT assistance. That being said, adding more employees to the payroll costs the organization benefits, not just wages. A good solution is contracting with a third-party provider of small business IT services. When you have external techs come to your job-site and work with employees, they can see how their needs are being directly supported. Our techs become part of the team. In this post, we consider how onsite techs will provide an essential function without detracting from your core business activities:

The Evolution of Small Business IT Services

It’s common for a small business to use IT services for setting up a computing network for employees to use on a daily basis. An initial network build gives employees what they need to perform traditional desktop applications, but a small business must add more capabilities over time. When you have an internal network that needs to be upgraded to accommodate more traffic and greater data streaming, you might need additional servers. These will be located in the cloud or backed up in the cloud, which enables your company to recover data following any disruption to the network. Small businesses are vulnerable to IT threats just like large companies (i.e. hackers, power failures, fire/water damage, viruses, and employee sabotage). Working with a partner with onsite techs monitoring the status of all IT systems, your business has extra protection. 

The Changing Nature of Business Communication

While techs provide support, they also suggest when a small business should upgrade to new kinds of software applications. There are applications that are common to larger organizations, for example, that will help employees collaborate more in a real-time business environment. We like the example found in a recent article. "Collaborative tools like Slack are replacing email for internal communication. Started in 2013, Slack surpassed 4 million daily users in October 2016. Though this does not mean that companies will abandon email altogether, it does change how you need to think of email." If you picture your managers creating a separate channel for each project and business activity that employees work on, Slack enables them to openly communicate on each topic. Increased transparency with a tool like Slack means that employees experience less confusion, which saves managers time. For example, if employees understand the details of a project differently, a manager can use Slack to clarify what needs to be done. All employees can read where the manager addresses questions and concerns. They can add comments and ask their own questions. Slack eliminates the need for many staff meetings and endless chains of emails.  

We believe that your small business can increase its IT capabilities through a new and improved data infrastructure. We are happy to inspect your existing computing systems and to recommend machines that should be replaced. We can make your network more secure, ensure there are adequate mechanisms for data backup and recovery, and teach employees how to use new applications. In the future, your employees will work more collaboratively, especially on mobile platforms. For ideas such as using Slack for greater productivity, we hope that you will contact us today.