The 12 Benefits of Managed Services

With the holidays upon us, we thought we’d do a technology twist on an old classic, The 12 Days of Christmas, and list the 12 benefits of managed services.

If you’ve been struggling with technology issues, preventing virus infections, or just trying to ensure your team doesn’t get slowed down by IT problems, then you’ll want to consider the time and cost savings that come from having a professional handle all your technology needs. 80% of the cost of a computer happens after the initial purchase. These costs include the applications and peripherals that you use with your computer, but a bulk of the costs are divided between maintenance and troubleshooting IT issues. This is where the contrast between reactive and proactive support can make a big difference in your overall technology costs. Small businesses are often watching their expenses, and this can sometimes cause them to just fix things when they break instead of investing in proactive support. Doing things with a "break/fix" mentality means you’re often paying more in repair costs as well as suffering more downtime due to computer crashes. When you use proactive maintenance through managed services, your costs are reduced because you’re avoiding those expensive IT emergencies. Each unmanaged computer costs businesses an average of $5,000 annually. When you’re planning ways to save money and be more efficient in the new year, consider a managed IT services plan and what it could mean for your productivity, budget, and peace of mind.

Services That Make Your Tech Stress Free

While we may not have a partridge in a pear tree, we do offer services that make your tech stress free. When you’re planning your 2020 technology strategy, here are 12 ways that managed services can make it a banner year.

1. Reduce Technology Costs

Maintaining your technology helps you reduce overall IT costs. Think about your car. If you didn’t regularly change the oil, you would end up with a breakdown, the costs of a tow, and expensive repair costs much higher than the costs of those oil changes. Technology costs are similar. If you don’t maintain your computers and network, you end up with expensive downtime and emergency IT costs much higher than a monthly maintenance fee.

2. Help When You Need It

Your customer service team is having problems with your VoIP software. You’re trying to decide between two different project management tools and aren’t sure which is the best value. These are things that your IT pro can help with, giving you expert advice when you need it.

3. Improve Productivity

Employees spend an average of 22 minutes per day dealing with IT related issues. Multiple that by just 10 employees, and that’s over 18 hours a week of lost productivity that could be saved if you had a managed services plan.

4. Reduce Risk

Having managed services helps you reduce your risk of a data breach or other cybersecurity incident. Many of these breaches (like ransomware attacks) put small companies out of business.

5. Predictable IT Costs

A monthly managed services fee is predictable and easy to put into your budget. There are no unexpected surprises and you’re able to budget expenses more easily throughout the year.

6. Increase Equipment Lifespan

When computers, servers, routers, and other technology are maintained properly they last longer, which means you get more value out of your technology investments.

7. Compliance Assistance

If you have to comply with data privacy regulations like HIPAA or PCI, having managed services can ensure your data is properly safeguarded so you don’t have to worry about compliance violations and fines.

8. Competitive Edge

When your technology is working like clockwork and you have the expert insight of a technology pro to help you make better IT decisions, you gain a significant competitive edge over your competition.

9. Scalability

Managed services plans are designed to scale along with your business, so you’re not locked into services you don’t need. Choose just what you need, then add on as your business grows.

10. Vendor Management

Dealing with multiple hardware and software vendors can take up a lot of your time. Leave the vendor management to your managed services provider and get better service and peace of mind.

11. Business Continuity

Services like managed backup and disaster recovery and cloud solution management can ensure your business is resilient no matter what and your data is protected.

12. Focus on Your Core Business

When you and your team and worrying about your IT, you’re not focused in your core business or growing your company. With a technology pro handling everything for you, you can put your full resources into running your business at peak efficiency.

See What a Managed Services Plan Can Do for You!

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