The Essentials of Network Security

The Essentials of Network Security

Even for those who are experienced in the workplace, it’s easy to underestimate the importance of network security. If there are currently no threats in your business, for example, you may be a bit more laid back about keeping your network secure. However, this attitude is exactly what makes businesses an easy target for hackers. When it comes to small businesses especially, this mindset is especially prevalent. With that said, what are some security tips you should take into consideration?

First of all, when accessing your network, always be careful about websites that ask you to enter personal info. This is especially true when it comes to your social security and bank account number(s). If the page asks you if you want the password remembered, always decline. After making any transactions, be sure to logout as well. As an extra security measure, it also doesn’t hurt to clear your internet history. 

As another essential of network security, never use the same password for any login. After all, if a hacker figures out your password for one account, it would be a cinch for them to figure out the rest. Always make sure to use strong passwords, as well. A combination of numbers and letters, it should be hard for anyone to figure out, but also something that’s easy for you to remember.

As a final security measure, set up a spam folder for your email. After all, there are plenty of tricky scams out there. While it’s usually easy to figure out which emails are legitimate and which aren’t, setting up a filter for the messages is great for preventing them from getting mixed in with the important emails.  

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