Three Key Ways to Prevent Data Backup Failure

Three Key Ways to Prevent Data Backup Failure

At Smart Data Collective, a recent post discusses three IT disasters that plague small businesses. Number one on the list is a loss of data resulting from failed data backup measures.

Many businesses assume that if they’ve adopted a data backup solution, they’re prepared for any disaster and their data will remain available to them. Too often, these assumptions are mistaken.

How can you prevent data backup failure? The following are three tips:

1) Choose the backup method best suited for the data

There are different options for backing up data, including cloud-based solutions and solutions involving local storage (and sometimes a combination of the two). Choose data backup providers that are reliable, and understand the strengths and drawbacks of each backup solution.

For example, many businesses back up at least some of their data on tape cartridges, without realizing that even the slightest damage to the tape can result in data loss. Furthermore, it can take days or weeks to restore data from tape, which makes it an unreliable choice for critical data that you’d need immediately.

If you back up data on the cloud, check that the provider doesn’t keep all your data in one place; in case they suffer their own IT disaster at that location, they need to make sure they won’t permanently lose their copies of your data.

2) Run tests

You should regularly check that your data backups are complete and recoverable. When you try to restore the data, is anything missing or corrupted? Also, how long does the restoration take?

3) Prioritize security

Your data backups are a target for cyber criminals. Sometimes, data backups fail because of theft or tampering from hackers. Other times, the data gets stolen in physical form, maybe when it was backed up on a storage device in your office or on tape. If you choose a cloud-based data backup provider, check their cyber security standards. Sensitive data in particular should be protected with high-quality encryption.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance with performing reliable data backups. We’ll help you ensure that your data backups are complete and protected against loss.