Three Reasons You Need a Business-Grade Spam Filter

Three Reasons You Need a Business-Grade Spam Filter

At best, spam emails are full of useless content. At worst, they pose a serious threat to your business’s security. Without a business-grade spam filter, you and your employees remain more exposed to cyber security threats and waste more time struggling to manage your inbox.

The following are three major benefits of business-grade spam filters:

1) Spam emails are often dangerous. Criminals may deploy them to infect your system with malware (billions of emails contain malware) or to trick you into sharing sensitive information via phishing. If your filter catches these malicious emails, your employees are much less likely to open one and click on a corrupted link, download an infected attachment, or send confidential information to a disreputable party.

2) Spam is becoming more sophisticated. Cyber criminals are increasingly relying on spamming techniques meant to bypass ordinary filters. Earlier this year, Bloomberg Technology wrote about "artisanal spam" or "snowshoe spam," sent out in smaller batches from sources that haven’t yet been blacklisted. These spam emails may have the look of a legitimate business email, free of blatant misspelling and spam-like keywords. It’s not enough for businesses to rely only on basic filters, which are much more likely to miss these sophisticated scams.

3) Business-grade spam filters save you time and increase productivity. With a strong business-grade filter, you lower the chances that legitimate emails will get misidentified as spam. Filters that are powerful will successfully process higher volumes of email at a quicker pace, with minimal delay. A high-quality anti-spam program will also give you oversight as you manage your inbox and adjust settings to suit your business needs.

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