Tool bars – Why you should get rid of them

How many tool bars do you have in your browser? Do you remember installing them?

a tool bar is an installed add on in your browser. In most cases it adds another bar at the top of your browser window, typically below the URL window. A toolbar may contain a search box, links, menus or other features. There are thousands of different tool bars out there, the most common come from Google, Bing (MSN) and Yahoo.

Why do these companies want us to install their tool bar? They want your searches and by getting your searches they also get to show the ads that they want you to see.

There are many legit tool bars but many more bad ones that once installed can track your every move on the internet and even give access to more dangerous software such as root-kits, trojans etc.

Tool bars can also slowdown your computer and browser.

The benefit of legit tool bars are so low that we generally advise to get rid of all tool bars. There is really no need for them.

Give us a call if you need some help removing those pesky tool bars, we will even tune up your computer while we are there.