Use a Business grade Spam filter to avoid being scammed

Use a Business grade Spam filter to avoid being scammed

    The significant increase in cybercriminal activity over the past decade has placed countless businesses at risk of sustaining significant losses due to malicious spam, phishing attacks, ransomware and other malware. Small businesses are especially vulnerable to these threats since employing a large, professional IT division to combat these external threats is neither feasible nor affordable for businesses having less than 250 employees. Protecting the company, its employees and its customers it critical to sustaining a business. To provide a significant layer of security, using a business grade spam filter can mean the difference between a thriving business and one that has been severely compromised.

    There are many good reasons to use a business grade spam filter, even for companies that employ less than 50 people:

  1.  Ensures that suspicious e-mails are not sent to employees
  2.  Blocks viruses and other significant threats
  3.  Saves time and increases productivity
  4.  Preserves the good reputation of the company

Although we may get a chuckle about those e-mails that claim that we are the recipient of $2 million dollars from an unknown benefactor in a distant country, large numbers of spam emails tend clog an employee’s inbox. After a while, the employees will become numb to these e-mails causing them to distractedly delete legitimate e-mails along with the spam resulting in missed business opportunities and poor customer communication.

     Cyber criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their use of spamming techniques which can bypass normal e-mail filters. Some of these e-mails resemble legitimate business correspondence causing employees to click on these e-mails and the links within them resulting in an infected network. A business-grade spam filter will block these e-mail links removing the risk of intrusion.

    The third benefit of a robust spam filter is improved network and server performance. Excluding huge volumes of e-mail spam will free up significant network bandwidth allowing processing of higher volumes of e-mail and other business data quickly.

    Perhaps the most important benefits of a business-grade spam filter is protecting customer data and preventing viruses from infecting other users and networks. Customers will not view data breaches kindly and the costs associated with fines, lawsuits and other remediation cripple the future business prospects of the company.

    Protecting a business from malicious spam is one of the most important actions an owner can take to sustain its viability. Contact us and learn how to protect your business from these threats.