Use Online Scheduling to Save Time

Onsite Techs Tip of the week:  Use Online Scheduling to Save Time!

Setting up a meeting or training can be such a headache. You send an email or leave a voicemail with some suggested times and the other participants respond with completely different times, often within the time window you identified as unavailable. Sigh! The possibilities go back and forth until finally at least a few of you agree. The more people you want to get to the table the more layers of complexity: "Does this work for you?" "No, how about Monday?" "Sorry, Paul can’t meet then." "Same time Thursday?" "Jane and Lisa are out then." "AARGH!" Setting up an agreed-upon calendar appointment doesn’t need to be difficult. Online scheduling helps you to easily plan around people’s availability.

Did you know that Americans hold an average of 11 million meetings daily?

Online scheduling tools allow you to send out a link to a calendar showing your availability. You can then allow customers to schedule directly from your website. The recipient has only to click into the calendar and choose the time that works for them. You can set it up so that all participants receive an email or text confirmation and reminder of the meeting.

Whether it’s a one-on-one or a group meeting, you have ownership of the scheduling process. You can also set the online scheduler to add extra time before or after meetings. Spending all your time in meetings? Reduce the number of meeting slots available on a given day. You can even prevent meetings called at short notice by setting a minimum preparation time. You can also set a buffer to avoid meetings in the first 15 or last 15 minutes of the day.  Another challenge online scheduling helps you avoid is managing time zones. These schedulers detect the invitees’ locations and display your availability accordingly. 

Calendar Integration Helps Too

Remember when "I’ll have to check my calendar" referred to a physical pocket calendar? Now calendars are on our devices but we struggle to handle having a hard-copy calendar, another on a phone and another one on a desktop. Online scheduling tools integrate with many calendars. Monitoring your Google, Outlook, Office 365, and/or Apple iCloud calendars, your online scheduling tool ensures you aren’t double-booking. Plus, integrations with online meeting platforms let you access meetings from your device. 

Many online scheduling tools will even let you accept payments. This means you can have invitees register and pay through the same platform. Talk about removing registration barriers. You can also integrate some online schedulers with Google Analytics.  This is so beyond looking to a calendar to check the date of a meeting. Now, you’re using an online scheduler to gain usable data.  Do some research on online schedulers to learn more and get started.  The basic features of an online scheduler are easy for any business to install and will be invaluable timesavers for your business.

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