Ways Outdated Workstations Cost Your Business Money

There’s no doubt that effectively managing cash flow is important for the overall health of a company. That being said, technology is one area that shouldn’t be neglected when it comes to spending money on updates. If you’re a business owner, you may think that keeping outdated workstations in use will help your bottom line, "They still work!" you say. What you may not realize is how much old computers drain time and money from your business in hidden ways. In fact, holding on to outdated technology too long often costs your business more than it saves. Below we break down the true cost of maintaining old technology. 

Increased Security Risks:

Unfortunately, using old technology in business comes with much bigger risks than just frustration. Running outdated workstations can open your business up to a world countless, constantly increasing security threats. In fact, research shows that over 10,000 new malware threats are discovered each hour. If your technology is not up to date, your risk is constantly increasing at an exponential rate. Older hardware and software simply lack the critical security updates of their newer counterparts. In fact, most malware attacks could be avoided if newer technology was being used.

If your CRM is outdated and doesn’t receive updates, your business and customer data could be at risk. The cost of a data breach is incalculable. It requires the expense of recovering lost data (if possible) and the cost of contacting affected parties and providing them with assistance to protect their identities. A privacy invasion is also likely to damage your company’s reputation. From a security standpoint alone, companies that cut corners on updating technology stand to lose much more than they gain. 

Lower Productivity

The spinning rainbow ball. The constant string of pop-up notifications asking for this or that update. At one point or another, we’ve all felt the frustration that comes with using an outdated computer. Older computers have trouble running multiple applications at once, consume more electricity, and have a shorter battery life. As devices age, they also freeze more often and run more slowly. Even with proper maintenance, older computers still cause a lot of downtime. They lack the power needed for new, efficient software programs that can increase productivity.

New computers are made to automate non-essential tasks, integrate with mobile devices and access cloud-based apps. Data is shared through integrations, working on-the-go is easy with multi-device accessibility, and automation performs recurring tasks to save your staff time. These upgrades help people work faster and more conveniently. How much time are inefficiencies costing your organization? Don’t miss out on increased productivity levels by sticking with antiquated systems that cant keep up.

Loss of Customer Confidence

Companies that choose not to upgrade their technology risk damaging customer confidence. Those who are savy when it comes to privacy and security may leave to work with your competition due to the security risks associated with older tech.

Is your customer experience seamless across many platforms? Are you offering a mobile app? Do you have a streamlined videochat option? These features create the user experience that customers expect in the post covid landscape where people rely on technology more than ever before.  Cutting cornersin this area can definitely send the wrong message to current and prospective customers. Updating you technology in a timely manner will cultivate cofidence in your customers and help your brand stand out.

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