Ways That DIY Business Email Migration Attempts Often Fail

DIY business email migration attempts will likely cause problems.  Here’s why…

Microsoft Office 365, the cloud-based version of Office, and Google’s G Suite are some of the most popular software suites used by small- to medium-sized businesses today. One of the biggest advantages when you move to Office 365 or G Suite is that your files, email and data can be accessed from anywhere on a variety of different devices including tablets, phones and computers. With an ever-increasing number of employees working remotely, it’s not surprising that more and more businesses are migrating to web based productivity suites. 

If you are a business owner or decision maker and you run a Google search for "how to do an email migration", you might find some tools and software that claim you can easily DIY this process.  What most companies find when they attempt to do these migrations themselves is that the process is much more difficult than expected and they often come across unexpected issues that require an IT expert to solve. 

Blocking issues are common issues causing the migration to be "blocked" entirely and nothing is able to be transferred despite your time and effort.  Non-blocking issues happen when a migration is partially successful, but some messages and folders end up missing on your new server that were available on the old one. 

In order to ensure smooth migrations to Office 365 and/or G Suite, it’s a good idea to work with an IT provider like Onsite Techs.  We can ensure that your systems are ready and the migration runs smoothly without causig interruptions to your productivity.

Onsite Techs would be happy to resolve any issues related to your poorly executed migration to get you back on track.  Contact us today at 401 773-7766 to learn more.