What is a Firewall?

What is a Firewall and How Can Onsite Techs Help Your Business Utilize This?

Hearing the term "firewall" in the context of computing can be confusing. How does a tall, blazing fire separating rescue teams from  trapped people apply to computers? Well, imagine the rescue team using heavy blasts of water in a desperate attempt to save the day.  A hacker is just as motivated to gain access to your data. They will try anything to bypass your security and get inside your network perimeter.   

In a business office, computers and printers are often networked together. This lets Ray in accounting and Jenny in graphic design access the same business tools. In computing, a firewall sits between that internal network and the internet outside. It’s kind of like a nightclub bouncer. You want it to be as intimidating as possible to keep the troublemakers out.  

Your firewall can be hardware, software, or both. Onsite Techs can set up your business network with what we call packet-filter firewall.  This monitors and controls network traffic by filtering data entering the network according to predetermined rules.  This kind of firewall will examine small amounts of data (called "packets") to see if they contain threats.  The firewall we deploy will check packet data against criteria such as allowed IP addresses and packet type. If the data is suspect, the firewall stops those packets. If not, the data will continue to its destination.   

A firewall set up by Onsite Techs also monitors outgoing traffic.  This is because if your company has fallen victim to a malware attack an infected computer in your network could be sending out harmful information. This attack turns a computer into a bot and it could be "phoning home ."   

An effective firewall set up by Onsite Techs will also help prevent denial-of-service or (DoS) attacks. In a DoS incident, thousands of computers are used to send an overwhelming amount of traffic to a network. It’s like putting 10,000 people in an elevator with an occupancy limit of 20 – expect a crash. One famous 2016 DoS attack seriously disrupted Amazon, Visa, PayPal, Netflix, AirBnB, and more.   

Packet-filtering firewalls aren’t the only option we provideOnsite Techs also employs something called Stateful inspection. This checks where the packet came from, where it is going, and what application requested it. This end-to-end examination is more rigorous. All the parameters must match trusted information for the packet to pass through. This approach offers a smart, fast way to inspect for unauthorized traffic.   

At Onsite Techs, our job is to create and monitor these firewalls daily so that you don’t have to think about threats like this.  We will always be watching out for your networks data.  Should anything go wrong, our team is ready and waiting to solve the problem.  Need help deciding on the right type of firewall for your business? Want to be sure your firewalls are going to withstand attack? 

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