Why Your Business Needs A Professional Help Desk Service

Why Your Business Needs A Professional Help Desk Service

Almost every business has an IT Help Desk of some kind. The problem is, for many small businesses the help desk is named George or Mary – employees who have their own responsibilities, but who are willing to share their computer expertise with coworkers who need help. That informal approach to IT support may seem the most cost effective for an organization with a limited budget. But is it, really?

What happens when a worker has an immediate need for assistance, but George and Mary are busy with their own tasks, or are away from the office? And even if a knowledgeable employee is available to help coworkers when a computer-related problem arises, the effect is that at least two people will be experiencing down time from their own responsibilities while the issue is addressed.

Worse, while George or Mary may be the best available resource when a hitch in computer or network operations occurs, usually their expertise is limited to issues they have learned to solve through their own personal experience. Many of the difficulties that can occur with the complex mix of technologies that even small companies depend on today may be beyond the abilities of an informal helper to quickly and successfully address. The result is often confusion and frustration for affected employees, as well as costly delays in getting the issue resolved.

Outsourcing IT support to a qualified Help Desk provider can alleviate these problems and more. By making use of such a service, you relieve your employees of the frustrating task of tracking down someone who can help with the issue that is blocking them from getting their work done. They can just pick up the phone, knowing that a certified professional is on the other end.

Sometimes it’s a hardware or configuration problem, such as the inability to print to a selected printer, or a computer that’s running slowly. Perhaps a user is experiencing difficulties using particular software applications such as MS Word or Excel. The problem could be a difficulty accessing the network, or maybe something as simple as a user who has forgotten a required password. Whatever the issue, a good help desk vendor will be able to provide the needed assistance 24/7.

If you would like to explore how a professional help desk service can improve both employee satisfaction and your bottom line, please contact us.