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Backup Disaster Recovery Solutions

Do you have a backup disaster recovery plan?

Perhaps you think there is no reason for your company to have a disaster recovery plan in place because that is something for “big businesses,” but not you. However, the size of a business does not matter when it comes to backing up data.

All businesses have data that is unique to their organization from policies and procedures to vendor and customer lists to inventory.

Nowadays the term “disaster” takes into account much more than severe weather like hurricanes or floods. Disasters could include malware, spyware, acts of terrorism, hackers, in addition to damage caused by weather.

If any of the above situations happened at your business, how would your organization remain operational? The answer is that it would not, at least not for very long.

A disaster recovery plan puts your information off-site, so that if any of the above scenarios come to pass you could still access all your company’s information.

When choosing a firm to handle your backup data, be sure to pick one that stores your data in a different geographical location than where your business is physically located. For example, if your company is in Massachusetts, make sure when choosing a provider they save all data in a remote location. This way should there be a hurricane; your information will be secure.

Think of the hundreds, if not thousands of hours it took to compile all the information you have accumulated over time. A backup plan assures all your hard work will be safe, and you’ll have the ability to access it from anywhere and have you up and running in minutes not days.

We create the disaster recovery plan that’s right for our clients.

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