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Surveillance Cameras

Many people think that internet protocol (IP) surveillance cameras are only for the rich and famous. Perhaps in the days of old that was true. The truth today is far different. For a modest amount Onsite Techs will install an IP surveillance system to monitor your home or business.

Get peace of mind with IP Surveillance Cameras from Onsite Techs of Rhode Island. 

Top 3 benefits of an IP surveillance system 

The ability to watch your property wherever you may be. Perhaps you are on vacation and hear that a severe weather event struck your home town, or maybe you are traveling for work and have to leave your teenage children at home. A quick check of your camera system online and you can view a live stream from your camera network to get the peace of mind while you are away. On the other hand, if something is not right at your property, you will be able to act immediately to repair the damage. In either scenario, the IP surveillance camera saves the day.

The ability to get alerts on your smart phone when something is happening. Camera systems today offer options such as motion detection. Onsite Techs will set up your alerts to notify you whenever motion is detected. We’ll work with you to fine tune alerts so you don’t end up with countless emailed pictures of your neighbor’s cat walking your fence.

Recorded data to review in the case of a security breach. In the event you have a robbery or break-in, the video recorded by your system could help have the culprits behind bars by the end of the day.
If you are interested in a quote for getting an IP surveillance camera system for your home or office, please contact us. We will help you keep your property, as well as your computers, safe and secure.

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